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A random post again : PRU 13

assalamualaikum :) 

*peringatan,entri kali ini agak panjang*

okeh. this my first entry after GE13. Tapi aku tak mahu lah share photo jari tangan aku yang kene ink tue. sebab dah ramai gilos share dekat FB,blog.etc. he..he..he. and why should I post it kalau dah ramai buat kn? but i went back home to vote okeh. dah menjadi kewajipan sebagai rakyat Malaysia untuk mengundi. ecececeh :).

jadi, nak memberi kelainan sedikit dalam entri ni. i want share some thought from someone. do open your mind while read it. no offense okeh. :)

Status Update
By Surentheran Pillay
Most of us out there is busy updating themselves with the current "hot topic" of the year, the GE13. Well i am fan of neither one of the party, but i will vote according to facts and capability of the candidate contesting. Not just to UBAH.

Well let me share my thoughts of what i really think need to be UBAH(based on my observation) ;

1) PTPTN issue - I dare enough to say, most of the youths out there is hoping for PKR to win and will do anything to ensure the opposition takes over PUTRAJAYA because they do not want to pay back their PTPTN loan, (opposition promised to abolished PTPTN loan if they become our government). Current fact, we as human, keep complaining the current government is swindling the RAKYAT's money with corruption, personal use and etc. Well brothers and sister of PTPTN borrowers, we took the loan and should be responsible to pay back. No matter whether is RM10,RM20 or even RM200 monthly as long we pay it because its also RAKYAT's money what!!! Saya lagi rela membayar hutang2 saya di dunia dari membayarnya di akhirat. So UBAH your character first rather than you want to UBAH others.

2) Property's price hiking up - Yes!I do agree its rising up tremendously but don't blame the government, blame OURSELVES. Why, simple!! Wherever there's property roadshow, we as buyer will try to be the first to booked it. Most of the property's in KLANG VALLEY is sold out although people complained price is too expensive. Simple facts, put in mind, MORE DEMAND,LESS SUPPLY, HIGHER THE PRICE, LESS DEMAND,MORE SUPPLY,LESSER THE PRICE. So, stop "MONOPOLYING"property industry for investment purpose!! Then you might see the change in this issue. Don't trust me, watch this video called "UTOPIA MILIK SIAPA", then you know what i meant.

3) Our Attitude - Well, I am a constant user of our public transport "RAPID KL". I travel to work daily by train. Everyday when I am in the train, I noticed that most us just don't care about others (SELFISH). Simple example, everyday before I board the train i will que up with most of the responsible public transport users, but there will some IDIOTS who just do not know how to que will just stand as they please and rush in when the train arrived. Its sad seeing such attitude though. Next thing i noticed is, some would not even give a seat to elderly,pregnant lady or even a blind person. They need someone to tell them then only they will react, but some will just act as though they are sleeping. Betul takHarikeshwaran Sreedharan. The part i hated the most is, traveling to work in morning by train. Some IDIOTS will just try to squeezed in the crowd although the know the coach is crowded and cramped up.
So is government responsible for such act!!

4) High Living Expenses - Many even complained with this current government, our living cost is so expensive. For me I personally disagree with such statement. Why, its easy, our living cost is expensive because with choose such life. I am quoting a statement told by a foreigner, "WHY GO TO STARBUCKS WHEN YOU HAVE NESCAFE AT HOME" . Thats what I meant by we choose such life. So again, did our government told us to choose such life? I was discussing such issue with one of my working mate, he simply respond, I do not have much commitment. Well for a matter of fact, I DO BRO. I do have so much commitment to full fill my dreams. That's why i'm working my ass off to achieve such dream. I do not give any excuse for high living costs because I know, if i have over spend in a day, its my fault. NO ONE ELSE, is just me.

So this is my thoughts on UBAH. Well we as an individual should change our self first before condemning and blaming others for our own mistakes. LIVE A BETTER LIFE FOR A BETTER NATION. Not hoping for others to lead our country to be a better nation. Some may think i'm not matured enough to give such opinions, well is just opinions of an observer.



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